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I have been competing in disc dog competitions since 1986 and have been very blessed with some amazing teammates over the years. My dog Donnie (Ibizan Hound/Border Collie mix) was the 2002 Skyhoundz World Champion in both the Open Division and the Sport Division and he went on to win the USDDN World Championship that same year.

Bling Bling (Border Collie/Aussie/Cattle Dog mix) won the USDDN World Championship in 2010. She also won the 2011 and 2012 Ashley Whippet Invitational (AWI) World Championship, the UFO World Cup Finals in 2011 and 2012, and was the UFO World Cup Champion in 2012.

My Australian Shepherd BamBam won his own World Championship in 2010 in the Skyhoundz Sport Division and in 2012 he won the AWI Cash & Catch Championship. I also live with a Border Collie/Belgian Malinois mix named Hank who is now 10 years old and retired except for an occasional round of toss and fetch, and The Captain who is only 11 months old and a cousin to Bling Bling.

I am a Level 4 USDDN judge and I have judged internationally in Germany, Hungary and Spain. In the United States I have judged the world finals for Skyhoundz, the AWI, the USDDN and numerous local and Major events for the UFO.

I was inducted into the Ashley Whippet Hall of Fame in 2009 and received the Skyhoundz Lifetime Achievement award in 2005.

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I´m 37 years old, a veterinarian and love dogs and dog sports but dogfrisbee is the favorite one! I started playing dogfrisbee 2004 with Pirelli, my deaf Border-Aussie-Mix and we got infected with this frisbee virus. We were very successful, Pirelli won a few trophys and she was qualified to the world finals in 2008 at the EC in Prague. We started the last time at the EC in Verden 2009. Due to an accident Pirelli had to be retired from the dogfrisbee sport. She broke all her phalangeal bones of her left hind leg and even surgery couldn´t save her paw so we had to amputate it in 2010. We have been through a very tough time but she will always be my best dog and is happy running around with her prothetic limb. Due to this I started focussing on judging. I still love to play frisbee and I hope I´ll be able to participate at a competition next year with my other dog Swiffer. Judging frisbee competitions helped me to train my dogs for competitions. You get another point of view for the freestyle routine, the different difficulties of throws and their releases, the team work, the focus on your dog, the right timing etc. And best of judging is: you are able to see all the competitors with their great routines and how they all improved in such a short time! I really appreciate being part of the dogfrisbee community, it´s always fun being in Poland or Czech Republic as a player or as a judge. This community is still growing and I´m really looking forward to the EC in 2013, to see all the european competitors and their great shows! Dogfrisbee is a perfect sport to combine tricks, athleticism, obedience and a lot of fun with your dog. As long as you keep in mind to play safe for and with your dog and as a team!

[/spoiler] [spoiler title="Veronika Urbaskova (CZ)" open="0" style="2"]I´ve started playing dogfrisbee in 2006 with my first dog, toller Ebi. Since then I´ve been lucky to meet many great frisbee players, trainers and judges, to name a few of them: Ron Watson and Apryl Lea, Yachi Hirai, Melissa Heeter, Laura Moretz … At the moment, I´m training my young toller Willy and still playing with Ebi (who is pushing 10years but is enjoying frisbee more and more :0)). I judged for the first time in 2007 at the first Czech freestyle competition and since then I´ve been judging and judging ;0).[/spoiler][spoiler title="Petra Lienhard (CH)" open="0" style="2"]

I am 37 years old and love animals for as long as I can remember. I started riding when I was 9 years old and own horses for more than 10 years. The first dog entered my life just about 6 years ago, when our first Australian Shepherd “Amy” moved in with us. Amy belongs to my partner, Fredi. She is very lively and sometimes a bit stubborn and most of all has a strong herding instinct which gave us some severe headaches at the beginning. We were looking for something for her to get rid of some of her energy and that’s how Fredi started playing dogfrisbee. Shortly afterwards I contracted the dogfrisbee virus as well. 2009 we gave Pepper a home. He was a rescue Aussie and already 5 years old. With him I gained my first frisbee experiences and entered my first competitions. Since 2010 I train regularly with DiscDog Ostschwiiz (DDO), attend frisbee seminars and go along with Fredi and Amy to national and interenational discdog events. Since Pepper found a new home with our neighbours at the end of 2011 I can’t play frisbee anymore, though my little Aussie lady “Indy” is of an age to play. But, she is not interested in the game at all. Actually she doesn’t seem to have any fun to run after anything, no matter if it is a ball, a frisbee or some other toy. Sure enough she doesn’t care to chase after live animals which is very nice and I can take her for rides without a leash. As I don’t want to give up on dogfrisbee I keep on training with DDO and hope, that Indy will find some pleasure someday in chasing after those round discs. Till that day comes I decided to educate myself and attended my first judging seminar in 2012. At UFO European Championship in Uster (Switzerland) I had my first use as a judge for Fetch & Toss. I am really looking forward to my next experience as a judge in February 2013 in Balgach and can hardly wait to be judging at the EC 2013 and be a part of it all.


Quadruped Head-Judge

[spacer size="10"][spoiler title="Peter Seftsik" open="0" style="2"]Peter SeftsikI am playing dogfrisbee since 2005. I started with my cute Stafordshire Bull Terrier named „Loki”. I played with him in public parcs for a long time, in those years we didn’t know the rules, just played for fun. In the spring of 2007 Peter Bloeme (the president of Skyhoundz) was coming to Hungary for holding a 2 days seminar. We learned the basics there. In the summer of that year we traveled to Czech Republic, for a seminar and competition weekend with Apryl Lea and Ron Watson, it was a great inspiration for me. I learned there all basics of my experiences. In the year 2008 I was in my first Dogfrisbee European Championship in Czech Republic, we met a lot of Dogfrisbee players from Europe, and played together. It was such a great experience. From that moment I participate in this event year-by-year, this is the biggest tradition for me. I believe: all meetings are a new experience, and we can learn together always by the spirit of the game. I played with my Kelpie called Choki until now. He is 9 years old now, and retired in the last year. Many took advantage of this, and I was invited for judging. In the year 2012 I judged a lot of events, and I got many experiences by the judging from people with whom I judged (I respect so much these guys): Apryl Lea, Bettina Koch, Maria Halicka, Kristina Schumacher, Veronika Urbaskova, Julia Zimmermann, Chris Jolink, Reint Elzinga, Marcel Buff, Björn Tigges. What I am most proud of is that many people know me in the sport from Madrid to Moscow, and they all think of me as a friend. For me this is the most important.


Starters and Small Dog Judges

[spacer size="10"] [spoiler title="Jakub Štýbr (CZ) / Player" open="0" style="2"]I have started to work with dogs only in 2004 and my favourit sports are dogfrisbee and agility. Since there was not dogfrisbee in Czech republic I was the first czech player and with help of other people and support of Purina Dog Chow we created DiscDog Club of the Czech rep. By bulding the club and starting the sport in our country I gained a lot of experiences in organizing events. Also I have met a lot of great “world class” players who taught me a lot and I never refuse a chance to share our knoweledge of the sport. I am working as an editor in chief of the famous czech dogsport magazine Psi sporty that started at 2007. [/spoiler] [spoiler title="Andreas Keller (CH) " open="0" style="2"]I am 42 years old and my wife gave me the oppurtunity to get to know dog sports. I started with Agility. In 2009 I was infected with the Dogfrisbee virus. Since then I play with Roxana (Austrailien Shepherd female) in the Open category. To me Dogfrisbee is the accumulation of different elements, namely music, sport and fun with a dog. A super team sport with canine and human partners, the dog beeing the most important one. 2011 I trained with Björn Tigges and Julia Zimmermann to graduate as a judge and 2012 I graduated Level 2 for USDDN. Since 2011 I have been judging a few times. I am looking forward to attend as judge at the EC 2013 in Switzerland, to support the event and help to make it a success.

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I started playing dogfrisbee in 2007 with our border collie mix Lyra. She and I were the first team from Slovenia to compete in the sport and also to represent the country of Slovenia at a European Championship (Wroclaw 2007) and a world championship (USDDN World Finals 2008). She has won many trophies over the course of her career and currently holds two national records, in Quadruped and Time Trial. She’s been featured many times in the media and even had a documentary film made about her life.

Currently I play with three dogs, in multiple events: pioneer and now veteran Lyra, who is not quite ready to retire; my daughter’s hugely talented Australian shepherd Olivia, who is one of the most successful frisbee dogs in Europe; and border collie Bamm Bamm, who entered our lives unexpectedly in 2009 and is by universal acclaim the sweetest dog on Earth as well as an impressive canine athlete. All three also enjoy agility as well as frisbee; in addition, Oli does some herding, and Bamm Bamm works as a therapy dog.

I began teaching dogfrisbee to others soon after I learned the basics myself. I’ve been judging since 2008, having completed training and passed exams on USDDN rules (currently Level 3). I am also trained as a judge using AWI rules. I have been an active member of Slovenia’s dogfrisbee club, Flipsi, since its founding in 2009.[/spoiler] [spoiler title="Madeleine Thürlemann (CH) " open="0" style="2"]2009 I attended a beginners seminar with my Australian Shepherd “Timi” for dogfrisbee with Eva and Alen as instructors. Real fast dogfrisbee became our most beautiful activity as a team. As we were training at DiscDog Ostschwiiz (DDO) I realized that creating our own freestyle performance for a competition brought us more fun and motivation. Soon we were seen at frisbee seminars and some local events. 2010 I had to let Timi go. Our mix breed Shila has come to live with our family in July of 2012. Shila is real crazy for the frisbees but has to wait a little longer until she is old enough to start training more often. In October 2012 I was to judge the dog for the first time. This showed me a wholly different aspect. I realized what these dog achieve and what a good communication between dog and handler can mean for the dog. I am a homemaker and the mother of four children as well as a self-employed kinesiology pracitioner www.kinesiologie-chi.ch. I am joyfully looking forward to the EC 2013 where lots of great teams I know and don’t know yet will show their most imaginative freestyle performances. And I am sure to have lots of fun and action on the sidelines.[/spoiler]

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