First shown over 30 years ago Dogfrisbee or Discdogging has become a very popular dog sport in the USA. About 15 years ago the first European players tried their skill with their dogs and discs. Nowadays dogfrisbee has a fast growing community all over Europe and naturally among them many Swiss Players.

The basics are simple: You throw a frisbee and your dog runs after it to fetch it. From there you train more challenging throws, jumps and tricks. Over time the dogs mental and physical abilities increases and every training satisfies its prey drive in an acceptable way.

The only limit to invent new tricks is your dogs physical wellbeing and safety and of course your own. Otherwise your imagination and skill knows no boundaries. Using several discs, different throws and human acrobatics combined with your dogs agility and clever tricks make for outstanding performances. To come this far requires concentration, coordination and clear communication between dog and handler. Dogfrisbee is a team sport, agile human-dog interaction as its focus.


Safety first. Properly trained, dogfrisbee ist not harmful to the dog. You have to follow a few rules for playing frisbee and consider some restrictions.

Your dog should be fully grown before you start training any jumps. The hight of any jump should be adjusted to the physical condition of your dog in that training.

Before every training you have to warm up your dog by going for a walk and do special warm up exercises for muscles, joints and tendons.

The play field should have an even surface therefore be free of bumps, obstructions, broken glass, holes and any other hazards. The surface should not be too hard (no gravel) to prevent any injuries to your dog and avoid long term damage.


To play dogfrisbee you need special canine discs. These discs are softer, the rim is wider, they don’t splinter and they are quite bite resistant. There are various canine discs available, they differ in size, colour, design, weight and durability.[spacer size="0"]


In Europe there are two main disciplines at dogfrisbee competitions: Freestyle and Minidistance


Handler and dog are performing a self choreographed frisbee routine to music. They have 120 sec to show their skills. Judging criteria are focused on the dog (prey drive, athleticism…), the player (disc management, release diversity, field presentation…), the team (team movement, tricks, interaction…) and the catch ratio (number of throws in relation to number of catches).


There is a starting line from where the handler has to throw one disc for the dog to catch and retrieve. Then the handler throws the disc once more within the time allowed. The farther away the dog catches the disc, the more points the team gets. If the dog catches the disc with all four paws in the air they get another 0.5 point. The time limit is 60 or 90 sec depending on the regulations.

Other competition varieties are Long Distance (Quadruped) or Dog Dartbee.
Long Distance: Four teams compete against each other. Every team has three throws. The team with the shortest catch is out, the teams with the longer catches play the next round.

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