Dogfrisbee EC 2013

  Dogfrisbee is a rather new, fantastic dog sport which has its origin in Northern America. In Switzerland we startet to play disc dog about ten years ago. We are proud to host the biggest Dogfrisbee Event of Europe in 2013. The Dogfrisbee European Championship 2013 (USDDN) will take place from 23. till 25. August 2013 in St Gall, Switzerland. Our group “Discdog-Ostschwiiz” and its supporters are organizing this event and are looking forward to wellcome all the European teams in the ideal stadium Gründenmoos.
This big event will make our fascinating sport even more popular and attract a lot of visitors. Some might even start to play dogfrisbee in the future! Visitors will be able to see what their dog might be able to do and in general find more fun in their life. It will certainly be an unforgettable event for all.